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How to Convert Windows Server 2022 Evaluation to Standard Edition

Convert Windows Server 2022 Evaluation to Standard Edition

Do you ever try to convert Windows Server 2022 Evaluation to Standard Edition? Many people try to change editions but need more knowledge about this. If they are going to transform the Windows Server version, an error message appears like this:

The license key you submitted doesn’t work; check the permission key and try again or input a distinct key.

Luckily, there are some solutions to settle this blunder. You have to alter the current Server edition to Standard. This post will guide you to fix up the Evaluation to the Standard version.

Guidelines to Complete Convert Server 2022 Evaluation to Standard

These complete instructions easily convert Windows Server 2022 Evaluation to the Standard version, the right licensed edition using a valid product key and the DISM command. You must follow our demonstrated guidelines properly to gain the required result.

Get started with the direction!

  1. Make ready your product key. You can buy product keys from the Microsoft Official website or Microsoft authorized reseller like Xware42 at an affordable price. After purchasing a digital product in your email, you will also receive a 25-character key with that product. This product key helps you convert your device from Evaluation to Standard.
  2. Before starting the convert steps, open the Command Prompt. You can open the Command window below:
  • In the Windows Search Bar, write Command Prompt; you will see a pop-up window appear. On the right, you can see multiple options; click Run as Administrator. Then, a Window will emerge; tap Yes to open it.

  • Another option is to open the Command Prompt by pressing Win+R on the keyboard, writing cmd in the box, and pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter to open the Command Prompt with admin authority. Click Yes to the following Window and enter Command Prompt.

  • The third option is to press Win+X, the left side of your Windows shows multiple options. Click Run, then follow the procedures to open Command Prompt.

  1. Entering the Administrator: Command Prompt, first check out the current version you are using by writing: DISM /Online /Get-CurrentEdition, and you must see a similar version of this image.

  1. After checking this current volume, write DISM /Online /Get-TargetEditions to see what other Windows Server versions are available.

  1. Now, type the mentioned command in the Command Prompt with the valid product key you purchased and tap Enter. Type: DISM /Online /Set-Edition: ServerEdition /ProductKey: 88888-88888-88888-88888-88888 /AcceptEula.

  • Activate Server volume relies on what license key you have used. If you want to upgrade to the Datacenter Edition, substitute the Server version with Server Datacenter. 
  • As shown above, put the product key instead of the 8 characters in the Command Prompt.
  1. Through your conversion process, wait until your computer starts loading. It takes some time – don’t turn it off when the loading is on.
  2. If your computer restarts on its own or wants approval to continue – Press Y to solve this issue.
  3. Once You have completed the procedures, inspect if Windows is getting out of the Evaluation version by these steps:
  • Go to the Taskbar and open File Explorer.
  • Right-click on your mouse on This PC.
  • Pick Properties when the pop-up menu.
  • Explore the Windows Specification of About if the conversion was successful.

We have illustrated some easy steps that guide you properly to convert Windows Server 2022 Evaluation to Standard. With these complete guidelines, you can transform your current Server into a desirable one. Why are you late converting your previous Server? Try it now; Enjoy your favorite Server without any restraint.

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