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How to Make Taskbar Transparent Windows 11

How to Make Taskbar Transparent Windows 11

Are you fed up with an obscure taskbar spoiling your PC’s screen appearance? If you’re trying to fix the taskbar issue but couldn’t be able to do it! We have shared effective methods with this post that instructs you on how to make taskbar transparent Windows 11.

If you want to enjoy a perfect overview of your desktop with the Windows 11 transparent taskbar, this post will be an optimal choice for you to resolve your taskbar transparent matter. Windows 11 has come with various features that change your interface’s appearance, but still, you can’t find any customization option for your taskbar apart from its color effects. We will reveal the techniques to solve transparent taskbar issues on your Windows 11. Hopefully, this guide will assist you effectively without any difficulties. 

Is Customized Transparent Taskbar Windows 11 Available?

Taskbar transparent is available on Windows 11, like Windows 10. The process of customization of the transparent taskbar on your Windows 11 and Windows 10 are the same. Similar to Windows 10, you can find the taskbar at the lower part of your screen on Windows 11. The major difference is Windows 11 holds the applications in the center, while Windows 10 has all the applications on the left-side bottom of the display. In the below section, you have all the information about setting your transparent taskbar

How to Make Taskbar Transparent Windows 11: Effective Methods

Here you will find how to make taskbar transparent Windows 11. It’s a common issue that if you use a transparent taskbar on your Windows 10, you don’t want to miss out on your updated Windows 11. Try these ways to get a transparent taskbar:

Method 1: Windows Settings

Customize your Windows 11 taskbar and integrate a transparent effect that creates new system settings in your Windows. Attempt these below guideline to make the taskbar transparent Windows 11:

  • Pressing Win+I to initiate Windows Settings.
  • Move on to Personalization > Colors.
  • Tap On the Transparency Effect.

windows 11 how to make taskbar transparent

If you can’t see any changes to the transparency effect on your Windows 11, there’s another way to do it. 

  • Go to the Settings of your Windows.
  • Click on the Accessibility option and select Visual Effects to start transparency effects.

taskbar transparent windows 11

If you’re unhappy with the transparency level you made, another method is awaiting to serve you for better results in the below.

Method 2: Utilize a Registry Tweak

One more intriguing way to create your taskbar transparent on your Windows 11 is to modify Windows Registry. Prior to making any changes on the Registry, create a restore point manually. If you are confronting any mistakes, then immediately return to the previous state where you started. Follow our registry edit instructions:

  • Press Windows+R, and you’ll see a dialog box.
  • Type regedit and allow permission to open this with admin authority.
  • In the Registry Window, proceed in these ways: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Explorer > Advanced.
  • Under the Advanced option, On the right-side, find an empty space and Right-click on it; select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value.
  • Create a new folder and write on the name field UseOLEDTaskbar Transparency and make the Value Data to 1.
  • After doing this process, close the Registry and restart your computer instantly.

taskbar transparent

Method 3: Translucent Taskbar Windows 11

It will be awkward to change your settings into a new one from the default mode. Also, this is one kind of hassle to change. You may be glad to know that the Translucent taskbar also helps you to get Windows 11 taskbar transparency with just a few clicks.

This app will be more trustworthy if you download Translucent taskbar Windows 11 from the Microsoft Store. Downloading from the Microsoft store ensures a reliable app for your device.

Getting the transparent taskbar, Install the Translucent app and click as per instructions: Start Open > Clear. Furthermore, the Translucent app has extra customization options that you are used to.

how to get transparent taskbar

Closing Words

This blog post provides all the information you’ll need to know about how to make taskbar transparent Windows 11. If you are not a well-known person in this sector, don’t worry, just follow our instructed guidelines, and this will fix your Windows 11 taskbar transparent issues easily. Let us know how helpful our guidance is to you through comments in the comments section below. If you are confronted with any difficulties, let us know. That’s enough to share with you right now; Have a nice day ahead of you.

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