Free Microsoft Office 2021 Product Key in 2023 (100% Working)

Free Microsoft Office 2021 Product Key

Are you searching for a Free Microsoft Office 2021 Product Key? Many people are looking for it but can’t get a desirable key, which ends their search as well. In this article, we add a list of some valid Microsoft office 2021 pro plus product key.

Microsoft gives a 30-day trial freely for its users, but after the end of this trial period, you need to pay to use Office. Many Office users find it hard to pay for using Office 2021 pro plus. That’s why we are here with some free and 100% working product keys. To read this article, you will get listed keys and activation guidelines. Scroll down quickly to learn about it!

Microsoft Office 2021 Free Product Key

A 30-day trial provides Microsoft to its users to experience Office products. It delivers a clear idea about that product. With Microsoft Office 2021 professional plus, you will get the latest Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and more.

Office 2021 enhances your work fast and productively. You can choose whatever you need from its many popular features. Such as: working on the same document in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; many new functions have been added to Excel, and creating a better presentation with the latest Office suite is now possible.

With a valid License Key, you will enjoy all the outstanding features of Microsoft Office. Whoever is unwilling to buy the product Key can get a free product Key which we filed here.

Remarkable Features of Office 2021

Microsoft released its new edition with some noteworthy features; Office 2021 is not different from that. You will find here Co-authoring features, inking tools, functions, motion graphics, and much more attractive features. Check out for further details:

Co-author: Co-authoring feature enables you to work with others on similar files simultaneously. For the Co-author benefits, you need to save your Office files in OnDrive, and you can work on them with others at any time.

Collaboration with Comments: This modern feature gives you a comments experience to your Co-author files. It improves collaboration between your team members. You can anchor comments, @mention-in comments, resolve comments threads, and more with collaboration features.

Visual Refresh: Relish your work with a new refreshed tab in the ribbon and feel the advanced Start experience with Office 2021 Latest suite. A clear style of monoline iconography, a neutral color palette, and softer window corners produce a better visual work experience than before.

Dynamic Arrays: Write your essential formula and return an array of values with calculations. With some new functions, you could experience better functional work quickly, like Filter, Sort, Sortby, Unique, Sequence, and Randarray. 

Sheet Views: Do you ever collaborate with others in a spreadsheet? When you are working on big data, and unexpectedly, the data shrink, and you are incapable of completing that task? Sheet Views could save you from this awkward situation, creating customized views in Excel worksheets without disrupting others.

Decrease Eye-strain: Long work in front of a computer monitor can harm your eyes badly. To protect this, Office 2021 has a Dark mode effect that can diminish eye strain and adjust light sensitivity. Dark mode has been the long-awaited feature, and Office 2021 finally made it. 

System Requirements

  • Processor: 1 GHz dual Core Processor or more
  • RAM: 4 GB available Space
  • Display: 1280*768 Pixel screen resolution
  • Graphics: DirectX 9 or higher; WDDM 2.0 or more

How to download Office 2021 Professional Plus ISO file?

Microsoft office 2021 professional plus download iso here

Free Microsoft Office 2021 Product Key

  • 7FRG6-XNV82-7JF62-VB6C2-RVYFX
  • 86N7G-6WH72-VH89D-W6463-9FBFX

NOTE: It has a limited number of activations, so if you come first, you can get it. This key is updated sometimes, so don’t worry about it. If you don’t want to wait for free keys, you can buy cheap office 2021 professional key from our store.

How Can I Activate Office 2021 professional Plus?

Activate Office 2021 pro plus suit is vital for your personal and professional usage. If you Microsoft office 2021 professional plus free download with product key from anywhere, it offers a 30-day free trial version. After this trial period finishes, you can’t use Office apps. Look below to see how to activate the Office suite with product keys:

Step 1: Download Microsoft Office 2021 and install it.

Step 2: Open any of your favorite Office applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or others.

Step 3: Click on the File on the upper-left side and navigate to the Account option.

Step 4: You will see a product activation button on the right side of the display. If the Window shows Product Activated, it means your Office Activated; If not, click Change License Key, Enter the Product Key disposed of above and then press ActivateActivating your Office suite, follow these guidelines step-by-step.

Disadvantages if you active free license key

You can activate your Office suite 2021 with our provided Product Keys above, but there are plenty of disadvantages if you activate your Office suites with a free license Key. 

  • Microsoft does not approve this free license Key. That means using this is illegal.
  • Free product Key causes you to hack your computer or Office Suite with many important files.
  • This product Key was used so many times that marked it invalid/useless.
  • Hackers often use these Keys as a phishing strategy to hack your device.

We suggest you refrain from using this product Keys as long as you are unsure about its capability. Instead, you can purchase Microsoft Office 2021 professional Plus and original Product Keys at a cheaper rate from


We have covered all the recent free Microsoft Office 2021 Product Key issues. How is it prolonging your Office suite’s validity, and how can you activate it; Also, what is the disadvantage of using Product Keys? Our listed Product Keys are legit and 100% working; try these Office Keys one by one to find the right one for your Office suite. If you face any trouble with product Key activation, please let us know with your valuable comment. Have a good day.

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