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How to Keep Downloading When Sleep Mode Windows 11 PC

How to Keep Downloading When Sleep Mode Windows 11 PC

If you are using a computer or desktop, you will undoubtedly face how to keep downloading when sleep mode Windows 11 PC! This post will support you in finding a better way to download anything without your PC getting turned off midway. 

After a hectic day, when you come from the office to home, you might think about relaxing your time by watching movies or playing games on your laptop. Unfortunately, your last time download was incomplete because your Windows was going into sleep mode. How’s your feeling, we can understand; for this reason, we’ve come up with fruitful guidance to remove your worry. To know the causes and solutions to sleep mode, continue reading.

What is the Go Sleep Mode on Windows?

Sleep Mode is one of the great features of your Windows 11 and the prior operating system. It reduces the use of electricity in your computer and resumes your file processing when it is turned off. For someone who works overnight and forgets to turned-off his computer, sleep mode is a handy tool for them. It will stop the screen power after a certain time and stop all the running apps to save the energy of your device’s battery. So, it is an essential app for users who want to work in a seamless way and generate productivity to the optimal.

Why You Need to Do Apps Download in Sleep Mode PC

Without any doubt, the sleep mode feature of your PC is very important to continue to work with saving energy and other benefits. Contrarily, if you want to download a big file but your sleep mode time is fixed, and it will pause your download, sometimes it can totally stop the downloads; you will fail to submit your documents on the deadline. In this case, you should know the tricks of how to keep downloading when sleep mode Windows 11 PC. Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with the sleep mode turn-off process; we will guide you to the perfect setup.

Turning on sleep mode closes all apps by its low power consumption settings during the sleep mode start. To run an application, your processor needs to be active, but when your PC turns on the sleep mode feature, it deactivates the device’s activity. 

How to Make Downloads Continue in Sleep Mode: Is it Possible?

If you want to download games, movies, official tasks, or Windows updates on your Windows, it takes much time to complete the procedures. In this term, you need to turn off go sleep on your computer, allowing you to have your screen power all the time. Below, we have listed guidelines with images to fix your sleeping on issue; follow these:

Method 1: Fix with Control Panel

To fix sleep mode on your Windows 11, you must go to the below processes. Utilizing sleep mode features protects your PC from battery damage, closing unimportant applications and others.

  • Tap on the Windows Logo on your taskbar; it will open a window.
  • Type on Control Panel on the Search Bar.

Downloading When Sleep Mode Windows 11 PC

  • Opening the Control Panel, click on the Large Icons.
  • Tap on the Power Options items under the Control Panel.

Power Options

  • Under your Choose or Customize a Power Plan tab, open the Change Plan Settings of Balanced Plans.

Put the Computer to Sleep

  • Under the Balanced tab settings, set Never to activate Turn off the Display and Put the Computer to Sleep.

Turn off the Display

  • Choose the Change Advanced Power Settings; an Advanced Settings box will appear to you. Find the Hard Disk > Turn off Hard Disk After Settings (Minutes). To set up minutes, you need to calculate (to set 24 hours, you need to multiply 24×60 turn into 1440 minutes) with your advantage time. End of the setup activity, push on Apply, then OK to fix this task.

Turn off Hard Disk After Settings

  • Finalize the Plan Settings; tap on Save Changes to finish this method. 

Sanguinely, if you execute the above methods periodically, it could resolve your problems properly. Try on the next techniques if you can’t fix the discussed issue. 

Method 2: Fix with Power Options

We have added this method that is easy to fix, and you don’t need expertise on this topic. Make an effort to pursue our direction accurately; it will lead you to resolve your queries quickly. How to keep downloading when sleep mode Windows 11 PC, look the below:

  • Right-click of your mouse, and a pop-up menu will appear,
  • Choose Power Options from the menu.

Power Options windows 11

  • Click on the Power Options that take you to the System > Power. Under Power, Select the Screen and Sleep option and set the Never for both the When Plugged in, Turn off My Screen and Put My Device to SLeep After, precisely the same settings as the image you can see below:

turn off my pc

Finishing the turn-off settings of your Windows 11 sleep mode could resolve your trouble with these simple methods. Check after the fix-up if the problem is solved.

Finishing Lines

This article suggests how to keep downloading when sleep mode Windows 11 PC. Hopefully, you will succeed with this fixing guide if you go through our instructed footsteps. We know you may face a lot of difficulties during the setup process; post your questions in the comments section. You can visit our Xware42 website to buy Microsoft Office and Windows; follow our blog segments for your asking queries. That’s it; wishing you a lovely day.

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