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How to Get Free Microsoft Office Product Key in 2023 (100% Working)

Free Microsoft Office Product Key

Are you looking for a free Microsoft Office product key? Definitely, you are thinking of how can I get a free Microsoft Office product key. Reading the whole post, you are known for getting free Office keys.

Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus is a well-known software that you may get for free if you read our entire post and try to collect it from us. Many exciting new features, such as Co-author documents, better collaboration with comments, knowing who’s working on your document, Visual refresh, and further. This post will assist you in knowing about Office Professional Plus 2021 features and how you can download it for free.

What is the Office Product Key?

A key is used to open something that is locked for the security of a precious thing, or someone wants to restrict the wider usage of a product. Microsoft introduced Office Software as a precious tool that Microsoft wanted to keep secured from its free users. You can use Office tools if you purchase their 25-character-long product or license key. 

Let’s come to the point; an Office product key means if you buy any Office version from Microsoft or other authentic resellers, then they will provide you with a valid product key. On the other hand, if you just download from various sources or Microsoft provides a download link to purchase, then you have to use the product key to open it. This is a marketing policy of Microsoft; they offer you a download link for buying with a key for using the software. Microsoft also provides a free trial version for its users, 180 days long operating time. When your trial period is over, you need to buy their product for further usage.

What is a Free License Key for the Office?

A free Microsoft Office product key or license key you may find from online sources of miscellaneous websites. You don’t need to pay for those keys; just copy the key from their site and paste it into your Office Activation box. In short, a free license key you can get from free of cost, and it activates your Office suites properly. There are many ways to activate Microsoft Office free, such as free keys, free codes using the Command Prompt of your PC, Key Management Service (KMS), etc.

List of Microsoft Office Product Key Free


Features of Microsoft Office 2021 professional plus product key free

Before downloading Microsoft Office 2021, Professional Plus free download with product key is highly necessary for your business or enterprise. You may find here some explosive features like Co-author documents, Inking tools, Data types and functions, motion graphics, and easy-using-features. To Know more, navigate down and read the specifications: 

Collaborating Documents: In the modern world, to get the best result, you should work collaboratively with others. That’s why Microsoft introduced Office 2021 Pro Plus for developing your operating activity for better performance. Everyone will be notified if something changes in your document; no need to send any extra notes.

View Your Co-partner Work: Now, it is easy to know who’s working with you on the same document. When you are working on the files, you can also see where exactly your co-worker is standing. This can assist you in acquiring the best possible output you can obtain from the Office.

Visual Refresh: Work with an advanced Starting incident and the latest tabs in the ribbon. Encounter a clean freestyle with monoline iconography, an indifferent color palette, and softer window corners. These upgrades convey action and make features with basic visuals.

Dynamic Arrays: Utilizing Dynamic Arrays to get faster calculations and build a productive document compared to another version. Type one formula on the Excel sheet; it gives you an order of values. Six new functions are added with this version: FILTER, SORT, SORTBY, SEQUENCE, UNIQUE, and RANDARRAY.

XLOOKUP: Microsoft Office includes XLOOKUP to search data on the table or in a range. With this effective app, you can easily find an employee’s name by their employee IID on a table. So, this XLOOKUP will help you to find any data from your worksheet easily.

Sheet Views: This is an advanced way of creating a customized view of your Excel worksheet; make it without disrupting other’s work. Using Sheet Views, you can filter only your required data, excluding effects on other documents. Even several Sheet Views producing is a simple thing for you.

Connect to Other Slides: With these linking slides to others, you can cooperate with your colleagues on various tasks. If you need help with your projects, you can promptly ask your fellow and get your problem solved.

Improving Performance: New Office 2021 Professional Plus gives you better performance, durability, and pace through Word, Excel, Outlook, and other suites. Adding more functions in Word creates more effective work from your inner side; Excel provides faster calculations with SUMIF, COUNTIF, and other formulas and functions.

System Requirements

For downloading Microsoft Office, your device should fulfill the below requirements. If your computer has more system function compared to your demand, then it can serve you with better performances; another thing, less of the system requirements can lead you to the below performances. Have a look at the below:

  • Operating System: Windows 11, Windows 10
  • Processor: 1.6 GHz; 2-core processor at least
  • RAM: 4GB (64-bit); 2GB (32-bit)
  • Hard Disk: 4GB of available space 
  • Display: 1024×768 resolution 
  • Graphics: DirectX 10 or later version
  • Other Requirements: Stable internet connection, Microsoft Account.

What are the Processes of Download to Activation?

After passing the system requirements, you should proceed to the download to the activation process. For your convenience, we have discussed in the below about the download to activation procedures. These are:

  • After downloading ISO files, Find them in the Download folder.
  • Click to Mount it, then select the Setup.exe file.
  • Follow the on-screen direction and complete that rightly.
  • When the installation is done, you will see a window where you have to submit the license key; or open an app you like.
  • Use the above product keys one by one, and you can find the same image.

office 2021 pro plus activation

  • To check if the Office is activated, open any of the Office applications, then go to the Account of that app.
  • If you see this image below, your Account is activated; if not, try again.

office 2021 Pro Plus

Hopefully, these instructions are sufficient to set up Office on your computer. It covers from download to Installing stages with actual guidance.

Is it Safe to Use a Free Microsoft Office Product Key ?

When you are using Office for your professional work, you should use it without any interruption. Microsoft Office product key free is not under the rules and regulations of Microsoft; It is clearly illegal by any means. Microsoft wouldn’t provide any support if you have any issues with this Account. Overall, if Microsoft finds these free and invalid keys, then they can take legal action against them and cut off the Office account forever. On the other hand, hackers create phishing sites to provoke you with these free Office services. So, this is not appropriate for you to use this Account for your personal and professional work; using this, you may lose very important data and files for your workplace. In this case, you can purchase these essential keys from Microsoft’s approved reseller.

Purchase a Legitimate Microsoft Office Product Key from Xware42

As you have heard in the above segments, It is unacceptable to use a product key for Microsoft Office free by any means. Microsoft has numerous authorized resellers; they offer you reasonable prices. Xware42 is a leading licensed retailer; you can purchase any genuine Microsoft office and Windows products and keys without hesitation. You will be offered the best prices as you expected. Don’t be late for grabbing your desirable products and keys for activation; just visit the website and put your order; the rest of the processes will be solved by our dedicated delivery team.


We have discussed in this post the total guideline for getting a free Microsoft Office product key download to activate. Our provided instructions will light up your way to grab this vital software. If you encounter any dilemma, inform us by writing an opinion in the comments section. That’s all for today, good luck.

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