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How To Reset All Audio Settings Windows 11

How To Reset All Audio Settings Windows 11

Windows 11 is a magnificent operating system that is already popular for its advanced features and performance stability. Alike all the other operating systems, Your Windows could fall into Audio settings issues. This Post helps you out with the overview of How To Reset All Audio Settings Windows 11.

These instructions will be handy for both, which have no sound and are not as you’d anticipate on your Windows 11 device. This guide further assists you with the ineffective changes you made and want to return to your default audio settings. Without prolonging the conversation, let’s move on to the resetting part of the audio settings on Windows 11.

Why is Audio not Working on Windows 11?

If your audio system is not working on your device, you should check out a few settings immediately to explore the actual reason why this problem arises! 

  • Your sound system is mute or not?
  • Aren’t you connected to any Bluetooth devices that will transfer your sound to the linked device?

If you aren’t facing any of the above issues, ensure your device drivers are not defective and that other services are working properly as it is supposed to. If you encounter this issue, track our guidelines to resolve the audio not working on Windows 11.

How To Reset All Audio Settings Windows 11

If your Windows sound settings are misconfigured, It’s obvious that your audio or sound system doesn’t work appropriately. Generally, we won’t change built-in audio settings manually, so it shouldn’t be the main cause of the error on your audio settings. When we install third-party apps for various purposes, it could be the modifier of your Windows audio settings on Windows 11; due to these types of third-party applications, we will face sound-related issues or no sound occasionally.

It is always challenging to set up accurate sound settings on any computer. As the latest version of Windows, Windows 11 provides us with a suitable sound setup option that helps us to use it for the long term. As we aren’t conscious of the proper sound settings on our computer, and that’s why we mess with the sound settings; in that case, you should reset sound settings on default mode. Below we have mentioned various methods to set up Sound settings in Windows 11.

Method 1: Reset Sound Settings

We have come to our first method to reset sound settings in Windows 11 to diminish the problem you’re facing right now. Follow our referred instructions as we demonstrated below:

  • Press Windows+I, and it will open the Settings app on your computer.
  • Enter the System and find the Sound option on the right side of the screen.

Reset Sound Settings

  • Navigate down and select the Volume Mixer and click on it.

Reset Sound Settings

  • At last, click on the Reset option, and this will restore default settings to all installed programs and other apps.

reset sound windows 11

Method 2: Reset your Audio Driver

The Microsoft Windows Device Manager is helpful for reinstalling the audio driver. This reset of the audio driver may remove any conflicts or problems with the installed driver on your computer. You need to follow the below direction as it was prescribed:

  • Type Device Manager from the search bar and click Enter.
  • Select Sound, Video, and Game Controller and Expand it.
  • Click the right finger on the mouse and select the Uninstall option.
  • Proceed with the following procedures and Uninstall again to remove the driver from your device as in the image.

reset all sound settings windows 11

Method 3: Restart Windows Audio Services

Windows uses different programs to control the audio services. Windows Audio and Windows Audio Endpoint Builder are the pre-built services that handle your device’s audio. If you have problems with your audio System, you can find these services in the application and restart these services. Look into the following instructions:

  • Type Services at the Windows search bar and press Enter.
  • Detects Windows Audio and Windows Endpoint Builder from Services apps.
  • Click Right on both apps and select the Restart button like the below image.

windows 11 reset sound settings

Once you restart both of the services, your sound problem will be solved.

Method 4: Reset System Sounds to Default

The System sounds provide basic sound notifications such as critical stops, notifications, battery status, etc. This Sound helps you know if there is a problem with your System. If there are any changes or issues on your sound settings and you can’t resolve the case, then returning to default sound settings would solve your problem; here’s a demo below:

  • Write Change System Sounds in the search bar of Windows.
  • Press Enter, and you will see the Sound Scheme with the drop-down menu; choose the Windows Default Option.
  • Click on Apply, then tap OK to exit the window.

reset all sound settings windows 11

This trick could work for you.

Method 5: Restore your Speaker to Default

Restoring your speaker to default mode or a specific output device is now easily configured with its properties from the Control Panel. How can you restore the speaker to default? Here is the solution:

  • Open the Control Panel from Settings or find it in the search bar.
  • Change the View to your preferred option; we prefer a Large icon.
  • Click on the Sound; to reset the speaker, Right-click on it and choose Properties.
  • Move on to the Advanced option and hit on the Restore Defaults.

sound reset setting windows 11

Through the audio reset process, you may notice some buttons that look gray in several methods, which means your device is using the default settings currently.

Bottom Line

This blog post delivers the guideline about How To Reset All Audio Settings Windows 11. Our submitted several methods help you to fix all audio settings on your Windows 11. Our presented plans could solve your trouble quickly if you obey our illustrated instructions gradually. Throughout this reset process, if you confront any difficulty or need any technical advice, without any hesitation, ask your question in the comments section. That’s the end of today; I wish you a nice day ahead of you.

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