Office 365 Vs Office 2021 Professional – Which One Should You Purchase?

Office 365 Vs Office 2021 Professional

Microsoft published Office 2021 Professional with Windows 11 simultaneously in October 2021. This is the newest edition of the Microsoft Office suite, and already billions of people are using Office for their daily work. This 2021 suite has developed from a few basic office tools, and currently, it forms an entire suite of productivity tools and is used in many editions.

This post will help you know about Office 365 vs Office 2021 Professional and how to purchase it cheaply because most people find buying procedures difficult. Reading this post will let you know the details about two popular products and how to buy an original product by saving huge money.

Difference Between Office 365 Vs Office 2021 Professional

Office 365 vs Office 2021 Professional are similar in several ways. Both versions have almost the same programs, but there are clear differences between these editions.

The major differences between these editions are purchasing methods and pricing models. We will discuss it in depth later; before it, let’s talk about some prime distinctions between Office 2021 Professional and Office 365.

Cloud Storage

Using Office with a Microsoft account will automatically get 5GB of free OneDrive cloud storage that you can use as virtual storage. Your Office 365 is subscription-based, offering huge storage, between 1TB to 6TB of cloud storage, depending on the package you are using.


Both of the products need to be updated by Microsoft after the newer version has come, but there are differences in this update. To Know more look below:

Office 2021 Professional: This is the conventional software package; once you submit the password and it remains until the new upgrade won’t come. This update comes with security and other new features.

Office 365: This is a completely subscription-based product. Office 365 integrates new features and security updates continually. That’s why Office 365 is more of an upgraded suite for all times.


Internet connection is a must for downloading Office suites, whether it’s Office 2021 or Office 365. However, Microsoft Office Professional 2021 can be used offline after being downloaded and installed by an internet connection. Other Hand, Microsoft 365 is not usable without an internet connection. You can’t use 365 for a single moment without the internet; rather, if you are offline consecutively for 30 days, your Microsoft 365 will stop working totally.


A lot of differences you will find in these two versions. New features and continuous upgrades of apps available in Office 365 and extensive support for 365 users like PDF editing and more. 


Collaborations are available in the two versions we have discussed in this post, including Microsoft Teams in it. Microsoft Office 365 has more benefits of using cloud storage, and collaboration is more simple compared to Office 2021. Therefore, Office 365 has introduced remote working and collaboration to your team, so this has a better collaboration advantage than we expected.

Office 2021 Professional Vs Office 365 – Purchasing Plans

There is not much difference between the two versions of Office. Users can purchase both editions for their work. Microsoft 365 is continuously upgraded time-to-time to give users the latest user experience, whether Office 2021 Pro is the latest Microsoft Office suite. 

People mostly tend to purchase Microsoft Office 2021 because of its one-time payment, Whereas Office 365 is accessible to subscribers only. Users always prefer to pay for once and use it for as long as they can; Office 2021 Professional is giving users this advantage with its newest features.

Pricing of Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription-based service; Where you can get access for a period of time, you have a subscription. Office 365 is always evolving, and if you want to use these services, you need to pay continuously for subscriptions. Take a look below for the pricing of Office 365:

Home Editions 

  • Office 365 (Personal) – $69.99 per year
  • Office 365 (Family) – $99.99 per year

Business Editions

  • Office 365 (Business Basic) – $6.00 monthly per user
  • Office 365 (Apps for Business) – $8.25 monthly per user
  • Office 365 (Business Standard) – $12.50 monthly per user
  • Office 365 (Business Premium) – $22.00 monthly per user

Microsoft Office Professional 2021 pricing

Microsoft Office 2021 Professional is a one-time purchasing software with no subscription or ongoing cost. With Office Professional, you can work without an internet connection after downloading and installing it. The regular price of Microsoft Office 2021 Professional is given below:

  • Office Professional 2021 – $439.99 

This is the usual price when you buy from Microsoft’s official website. You have the better option to purchase Microsoft Office at a minimal price than the usual cost.

Get a Low-cost Original Copy of Microsoft Office 2021 Compared to Usual Cost

If you choose to buy the Office 365 model, you must purchase it directly from Microsoft. It means you can’t reduce the price as Microsoft offers; this is the major problem for those who want 365 at a cheaper rate.

Office 2021 Professional has a different tale. Authorized retailers of Microsoft can purchase genuine bulk keys of Microsoft Office 2021 and resell them to users at a low cost compared to the usual cost. These resold keys are original, and through the key, users can download and install Office 2021 Professional as long as they want to use it without any extra cost. Have a look at the price we mentioned below:

To see the above prices, you can understand why Office 2021 purchasing is the best option for you. It will be easy, to sum up the calculations, one-time purchase and using unlimited Office 2021 Professional is the budget-friendly choice over the Office 365 package. 

Office 365 has some extra benefits of cloud-based user experience and more added features than Office 2021. Therefore, when it comes to price, Office Professional 2021 is a budget-friendly choice for users.

End Line

Office 365 vs Office 2021 Professional is the latest software from Microsoft. Both have the same updated features, but Office 365 is a fully cloud-based service, whereas Office 2021 is usable in offline work also. The main difference between the two is the purchasing criteria. The low prices of Office 2021 Professional make it pocket-friendly for users.

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