How to Turn off Dictionary on Mac in 2023

Suppose you are working with an essential document on your Mac. Suddenly, a dictionary pop-up on your display. When it occurs, you have to view the definition of words forcefully. Sometimes, you receive a notification if your dictionary app is opened. If this issue takes place, you need to get back to the same apps you are working on.

If this issue happens once, it is tolerable, but if this continues, then it will be very irritating for users. This simple problem on your Mac interrupts your work. To resolve this trouble, read the whole post. We’ll clarify in this post, why it occurs and how to turn off dictionary on Mac.

What is the Dictionary on Mac?

The dictionary app of MacOS is found under Finder in the Applications file. Using this dictionary on your Mac device, you can find the meaning of all types of words. This app is a convenient tool for its users that doesn’t require any external application to complete your task. 

This app is time-savvy for users and provides real-time meaning of the words. It translates perfectly from English to other languages without opening two different dictionaries. Besides, this application will be applicable to other applications that support MacOS text processing. Mac dictionary can translate more than 80 different languages; it has become one of the best translation software in the current times. 

What are the Benefits of Utilizing a Dictionary on Mac?

There are numerous ways to describe the benefits of using a dictionary on your Mac devices. Adding a dictionary can help you to spell words correctly, and it also assists you in making proper sentences for your work. Moreover, it can show you the details of a word, like its origin, synonym, and antonym, and how this word evolved over time; that info you can find in your dictionary if you want to know. Utilizing a dictionary could enhance your glossary, which aids you in completing your tasks efficiently and also improves your oral contact skills.

Furthermore, holding a dictionary on your Mac supports you in reading unknown words while reading books or content online. With this dictionary, you will better realize the article you’re reading; know the meaning of unfamiliar words.

Why Does the Macbook Dictionary Keeps Opening?

After reading this post, you’ll know why the dictionary keeps opening on your Macbook. Many apps are working on your Mac as a pre-built, like Calculator, Calendar, Notes, and others. Among those apps, the dictionary is the one. You can see the definition and phrases of a word in this dictionary. 

Generally, you need to open the app on your Mac device to check the meaning or other info. Apple has a special feature to see the meaning of any words while working in apps or web browsing. Opening this dictionary, touch the Trackpad with three fingers at a time; if your Mac supports power-click, then allow it with a look-up gesture. After this, click on the Trackpad with one finger, and it will start working properly.

The feature finds the resources of new words and phrases with simple tapping. Anyone who has recently used a Mac and is unfamiliar with a Macbook trackpad could push the dictionary apps accidentally. Upgrading from the older edition with a click, users of the prior edition need time to get used to it by forcing click.

How to Stop Dictionary from Popping Up on Mac

As we mentioned above, the dictionary is an app that is pre-built on your Mac, such as macOS Ventura, Monetary, and prior editions. Here we integrate some steps of how to turn off dictionary on Mac. To turn off the Look up and Data Detectors item on your Mac, you can disable dictionary Mac. Look at the beneath to see a few steps with trackpad settings:


  • From the left side of the menu bar on your Mac, tap on the Apple Logo.
  • A Drop-down menu comes up.
  • Choose the System Preferences of the menu.

How to fix turn off distionary

  • By clicking System Preferences, you have multiple apps on your interfaces; click on the Trackpad as in the below image.

windows setting

  • Tick on the Trackpad moves you to the Point & Click tab. If not, then go there.
  • Just remove the tick sign on the Lookup & Data Detectors feature.

turn off dictionary

  • Once you follow our instructions on the previous segments, you will surely stop dictionary from popping up Mac. If you are thinking of resetting the feature, follow the same steps and mark the Look up & Data Detectors again.

Closing Words

Knowing the systems of how to turn off dictionary on Mac takes you almost to the end of the road. For crossing the road, you need to test yourself. Hopefully, our demonstrated guidelines will complete the demand of all your questions. Therefore, if you need any assistance, then feel free to knock us at the comments section. There is nothing more to tell about it, have a nice day.

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