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How to Uninstall EasyTune

How to Uninstall EasyTune

Are you looking for a solution to uninstall EasyTune? Do you want to uninstall it and delete all files on your computer? No worries! We will provide complete instructions on how to uninstall EasyTune on your PC.

You can uninstall easy tunes simply due to other problems. Rather, an incomplete uninstallation may cause much trouble to your device system. That’s why it is very important to uninstall easy tunes or remove all of its files.

What is EasyTune?

EasyTune is an executable exe file that belongs to the EasyTune Engine Service process, developed by GIGA-BYTE TECHNOLOGY software developer. If you use this software on your Windows 10, be cautious about deleting it. Sometimes EasyTune service overloads your CPU or GPU excessively. 

If an exe file becomes malware or a virus, it could run in the background. Often, malware and viruses are transferred through exe files that many people have encountered. So, if you have faced some unexpected issue through EasyTune and want to uninstall it completely, follow our guidelines in this blog post.

How to Uninstall EasyTune Perfectly?

There are several methods to uninstall EasyTune files on your computer. Here we showed some simple methods you could try on your PC without prior knowledge. Before uninstalling these executable files, ensure you have backup files of your important data.

Method 1: Uninstall EasyTune Through Programs and Features

When your computer installs a new program, it is stored in the list of programs and features. If you uninstall any program, you must go to the Program and features to uninstall and remove the Program. You can use a similar action to the EasyTune uninstallation.

  • Type the Control panel in the Windows Search Bar and Open it.
  • Select Program> Program and Features and click Enter.
  • Now, Select the Program and right-click on it and tap Yes to uninstall the Program.

Method 2: Uninstall EasyTune with System Restore

System Restore is a service that associates with the Windows operating system and helps users to restore their settings on a default mode. If you want to restore your Computer system, use System Restore to extract undesired files like EasyTune. You must store somewhere your documents and data before running a System Restore.

  • Close all programs that are running.
  • Right-click on This PC and press Properties.
  • Click System Protection in the About section.

  • In the System Protection box, click the Configure option if your System Restore option is Turn-Off.

  • Then, click on Turn on system protection and Ok.

  • Now, tap on the Create option and write Name in the box as your wish to create a restore point.

  • Here, select the date and time in the list and press Next. 

  • Now, Click Finish to Confirm Your Restore Point and follow the next procedure as required.

If this method doesn’t solve your problem, follow the next procedure.

Method 3: Use Registry to Uninstall Command Display

When a new program is installed on your computer, Windows automatically saves its settings and information in the registry. You can uninstall EasyTune with the registry. Please do it carefully; any sort of mistakes cause your SystemSystem to crash.

  • Press Win+R to open the dialog box.
  • Type regedit and tap Ok.

  • Scroll down to the following registry key and search one of EasyTune:


  • Double-click on the UninstallString Value, and copy “Value Data”.

  • Again press the Win+R key to open the Command box; paste Value Data in this box and click Ok.
  • Pursue all the instructions given by windows and uninstall EasyTune.


This blog post provides all the required information to uninstall EasyTune on your computer. In a simple way, we have given here three useful guidelines that help you to uninstall EasyTune. If you are new to using a computer, we suggest you follow all the instructions carefully. Otherwise, it may cause a system crash. Have a nice day.

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